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Just a little ABOUT US

I really don't like to write ABOUT US.  I'd much rather write about the Author and Finisher of Our Faith, the Lord Jesus Christ.

But just in case you're curious about how The Common People Bible Study Guides came about, this is for you.

My name is Paula Land and I live in a very small town in the hills of Eastern Kentucky.  I'm also fortunate enough to live on 100 acres that has what many consider our own small private lake. Our friends say, "You know you have arrived when you've made it on the Land's social list."   Not because we are great folks to hang around with but because God has blessed us with a piece of paradise to hang out at. The picture on this page is our place.  This is where I get to write some of my books.

Ain't Life Grand!

I have been married over 33 years to my husband, Jesse.  We have three children, Robie, Tommy and Casey.


Robie is our oldest son and if there ever was an "alpha male", it's Robie. He's the strong silent type and a strong leader. Robie says making decisions is simple. "If it's right, do it.  If not, then don't.  What's so hard about that!"  That says a lot about his character which is why he and Betsy, his wife, were made for each other.  She's just like that too!   They met in Bible college and I didn't know until I met Betsy that I could love a daughter-in-law as much as one of my own kids. Betsy also has brains!  They have two beautiful daughters,  Julia and Liberty.  Julia is so sweet!  Her worst fear in life is that she will do something that displeases anyone.  Did I mention she loves horses?  And then there is Liberty.  Every family needs a Liberty! She adds the spice in our life and is so stinkin' cute!  Oops, I forgot.  Not stinkin' just cute!

Tommy is our middle child.  He's "got preach in him!"  He's a people person and always one step ahead of everybody else. He can reason things out better than anyone I know.  If Tommy is your friend, you have a loyal friend for life.  He also met his wife Carolyn in Bible college.  Carolyn is the perfect daughter-in-law. She's petite, very pretty, quiet and shy.  I'd add sweet to the list but once she pushed me in the water after I had changed and put on my dry clothes. I still haven't figured that one out!  But what more could a mother-in-law ask for than to have a daughter-in-law that believes being a good wife and mother is God's highest calling?  Cailyn Belle and Colton (CJ) are their two children.  Belle is a dainty cute petite doll and very witty.  One thing I can always count on from her, is when she sees her Mamaw nothing else matters. CJ is a handsome lil' fellar and ALL BOY!  Enough said. 


 Casey is our youngest but she's in no way behind the others or anyone else for that matter.  She is a whirlwind and doesn't hesitate to take the bull by the horns.  She's very beautiful too.  This I know because everyone says she looks like me.  Cody is my only son-in-law.  He and Casey also met in Bible college. Can you see a pattern here?  I think Tommy described Cody best.  When Cody and Casey were dating He said, "Mom, I've watched Cody like a hawk for over a year, and I can't find one thing wrong with him!"  He's probably the only man I know that could pass the Robie and Tommy test for their sister. They have one daughter Charlotte. She's still a baby and what big bright eyes!  


There are a few other people, I'd like to tell you ABOUT US


If you get any benefit from these study guides, you're in debt to seven faithful ladies.  Without them,  I can go as far as to say they probably would have never been written; Jackie, Lisa, Patsy, Mrs. Skinner, Rhonda, Tammy and Vivian. They were all in my Sunday School class and always faithful through the years.  Many of the lessons in my books come from our class. Their zeal for my lessons each week gave me the encouragement and confidence to put them in a book.

I saved the most important person ABOUT US for last, my husband Jesse. My simplest way to say this is just to say it.  "Jesse is me."  We are one.  Jesse just recently said that, "I am his pride and joy!" I don't understand the modern liberalism thinking that I need to be my own person. I have no satisfaction apart from him.  For years, Jesse has practically begged me to sit down and write.   He has listened patiently while I "preached" him more bad rants than anyone should have to endure and he still does it with a smile! Then he grins and says "Put it in a book.”

Yes, I write The Common People Bible Study Guides.  My family does not help me write them (except for Betsy who edits them for me).  However, I keep saying ABOUT US.  It's not my intention to give you the impression this is a family business and we all write nor do I want to teach a lesson on how others help to shape our lives. That goes without saying.

I want you to see the most important people in my life are  common people. You still don't know that much about me or my family except it's just like yours, made of people with their own unique personalities. When I say ABOUT US, I'm aware that it sounds grammatically awkward and gives the impression I'm referring to my family or giving acknowledgements to those who make my books possible.  The US that I'm referring to is us the common people. 

Who are the common people? The common people may be formally educated with theological training or not. They are not as the hypocritical scribes and Pharisees who tried to flaunt their scholarly knowledge and snare Him in His Words.  Instead, they are among those who chose to sit at the feet of Jesus and hear him gladly.

...and the common people heard him gladly.  Mark 12:37

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